September 11th

Every year, I write about this somewhere.

It was a little after 9 am in the rock quarry where I was working.  I worked in the scale house weighing trucks and sending crushed stone to a variety of different construction projects in the Northern Virginia area.  I had a partner in the office.  He told the drivers what stone to get and inputted it into the computer.  I worked with this man 11 hours a day, 5 and a half days a week.  I had a sliding window by my desk that allowed me to hand the tickets for the stone out the window to the drivers.  A driver that had been around for a while pulled up to my window.  I opened the window and the good-natured, quick-to-smile driver looked deadly serious.  “A plane just hit the World Trade Center.”  I thanked him and he drove off.

I told my partner and he and I began looking for information.  Not to make this sound like the stone ages, but everyone didn’t have smartphones.  The quickest news source was Yahoo and it wasn’t exactly blazing fast.  My partner went to the office next door to check television.  I jumped online and started looking everywhere for anything that I could find.

Of course, everyone knows how this story ends but the most memorable part of it all for me was when I found out that the first tower had fallen.  I turned to my co-worker and gave him the news.  His response was “No fucking way.  Have you ever seen those towers?  They’re massive.”  Peace and love to the victims, the survivors, and anyone who worked to help.